The Buccaneers of the Atlantic Coast (BotAC) is a historical reenactment group dedicated to preserving a part of our Atlantic Coast history that’s both romantic as well as forbidding... and a lot of fun too!

In addition to swaggering around, acting all cool and pirate like, our group participates in children's events, marches in parades, performs stage combat routines, and conducts lectures on various piratical topics.

If you like the feel of the waves beneath your feet, swaggering when you walk, wearing an eye patch, or simply enjoy saying “Arrrrrrrr!!!!,” then come along and join up!

There are currently 8 "ships" sailing these waters.  If you are interested in signing on as a mate aboard one of them or in forming a new ship in your area, you can contact us at: info@atlanticbuccaneers.com